Monday, June 22, 2020

America's First President was the First President to Give Emancipation to Slaves

America's first President George Washington was a slave owner.
At the early age of eleven, he inherited and became a slave owner.
I don't see any records of where he was an abusive owner.
Matter of fact, the older slaves he had at Mount Vernon, he made sure they were taken care of financially as a slave owner.
It was also recorded there were many sports and games played at Mount Vernon with other slave owners.
George Washington struggled as a slave owner.
He wrote on his deathbed a new Will that after the death of his wife Martha that all his slaves be given emancipation. 
But it was at the beginning of a new year after President George Washington's death that Martha Washington reached a final decision, not to wait any longer and to move ahead and give his slaves' emancipation.  President George Washington's slaves were given emancipation on January 1, 1801.
President George Washington could now rest in peace that his slaves were free.

P. Kelley

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