Monday, June 22, 2020

The First Slaves In History

I think we need to open our eyes' and hearts' and remember the first slaves in history were the Israelites.
The Romans oppressed and enslaved the Israelites.
The Romans beat and chained the Israelites.
And then, it was the Philistines now, the modern-day Palestinians that enslaved the Israelites.
Then it was the Muslims enslaving the Christians.
Then it was the rich enslaving the poor,
It is said, underneath all soil stands a weed.
We need to remember that America is not the first seed to the weed of slavery nor are we the last weed to feed greed.
America is a country of many immigrants and beliefs, we need to make sure that the seed of slavery never finds a fertile place to grow on American soil that leaves unrest and toil.
We need to be ready to protect the youngest and most vulnerable to the weeds of slavery in America and around the world.
We've seen the scars of a broken world.
We need to make sure all slaves of human trafficking and Christian slaves in Libya sold by Black Muslims and around the world are set free.
Only then can we have true peace!
We will not have peace until the spirit of slavery is finally broken and put to rest.
When a man is no longer a slave to sin.

P. Kelley

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