Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I Believe President Trump Will Do It Again

I'm just an old country girl.
I like my old man and wine and pearls.
I'm still an old country girl that believes in her old red, white and blue flag.
Every time I see that old flag wave it reminds me of the cost of freedom for this old girl.
I've heard and seen many of my relatives and friends that were sent off for wars, where they proudly carried this old flag.
This old flag may not mean a darn thing to you, but it reminds me of those that stayed behind and those that returned carrying this old red, white and blue flag.
In my lifetime this old flag has seen many wars Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Iraqi War, Afghanistan, Syria, This old flag always found its way back home into the heart of this old girl.
There was never prejudice in carrying this old flag.
And because of this old flag, I voted for  Donald Trump in 2016 and I'll do it again in 2020 because that's what us old country girls do if we like it, we do it again! And I have faith President Trump will make America Great Again! And I believe unlike other presidents he'll never leave a soldier left behind without the men and women carrying this old flag.

P. Kelley

Monday, June 29, 2020

Summer Is Getting Hotter

This summer breeze has never been so hot.
It seems everyone's in a tight knot.
There seems to be a question of what the rioting street children have been taught?
Is there no value to toppled statues or not?
It leaves many minds to wander and ponder, were we wrong in making statues of men or not?
And can even a Republican President Lincoln that took a bullet in the head for the emancipation of 4 million slaves, survive a summer of hate or not?
Since we've also already forgotten the 750,000 men that died during the Civil War, not including the civilians per a poet's thought.
Not to mention, Mount Rushmore where granite sculptured statues of four previous United States presidents will survive the new targeted hot temperament or not?

P. Kelley

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Summer of Love Turns Into Summer of Hate

Summer of love turns into summer of hate.
And we see some of our young taking the bait.
Can you feel the weight?
The onlookers around the world look at us and wonder if we were all kidnapped by a pirate.
That took us back into another place in time, or are we seeing a state of a lost programmed mind?
Regardless, I just want to turn everything off and sip on a glass of wine and rewind and forget all the hate and pray and meditate.

P. Kelley

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ireland and the Slave Trade

1643 Virginia Law on slavery
And the established terms of servitude for servants brought into the colony without indentures.
For the ages, 29 must serve 4 years.
For the ages, 12-20 must serve 5 years.
For the ages, 12 and under must serve 7 years.
1654 Maryland carried a similar law.
1655 Virginia Law amended.
Irish to serve longer than the English.
For the ages, 16 must serve 6 years.
For the ages, 16 and under, must serve until you reach the age of 24.
1659 the English Law authorizes kidnapping
It may be unlawful for two or more justices of the peace within any country, city, or town corporate belonging to this commonwealth to from time to time by warrant.  Cause to be apprehended, seized on, and detained all and every person or persons that shall be found begging and vagrant.  In any town, parish or place to be conveyed into the port of London, or unto any other port from where such person or persons may be shipped into any foreign country, colonies, or plantation.  This was the English's way of turning kidnapping into slavery.

British History
Sept. 6, 1653
Order of the Council of State. Upon petition of David Selleck, of Boston, New England, merchant, for a license for the Good Fellow, of Boston, Geo. Dalle, master, and Providence, of London, Thos. Swanley, master, to pass to New England and Virginia, where they intend to carry 400 Irish children, directing a warrant be granted, provided security is given to sail to Ireland, and within two months, to take in 400 Irish children, and transport them to those plantations.

Oct. 3 
Orders of the Council of State. Directing Commissioners of the Admiralty to provide the particulars, according to an appended list, for the use of the officers and people at Jamaica; and that for advice boats be built to go there in the most expeditious manner, 1000 Irish girls, and the like number of youths, of 14 years or under, to be sent to Jamaica; the allowance to each not to exceed 20s, to be considered by the Committee for Jamaica. 150/. a year to be settled upon Elizabeth, widow of Major General Hayne slain in the late expedition to America.  Petition of John Jeffrey of London, merchant, on behalf of Col. Richard Lee, of Virginia, and Colonel Lee's affidavit concerning the seizure of a quantity of his plate to be referred to Commissioners of Customs.

Slaves were taxable
90% of the children in the 1600's were White
1701-1710 45% of Slaves White
52% African
1711-1720  33% Slaves White
67% Slaves African and Native American Indian Children

P/ Kelley

Britain's Large Tentacles In Slavery

Great Britain used slaves in all forms of manufacturing.
Slaves were used in ship manufacturing.
Slaves were used in metal manufacturing.
Slaves were used for mining.
Slaves were used for digging
Slaves were used for cooking.
Slaves were used in woodwork and home manufacturing.
Slaves were used in toy manufacturing.
Slaves were used for sugar refining and manufacturing.
Slaves were used for textile manufacturing.
Slaves were used in all manufacturing.
It was how Great Britain became so rich, they paid for no labor in manufacturing.
All their 100,000s of slaves were used in manufacturing.
Britain companies had no overhead cost in manufacturing.
They saved millions, if not billions in manufacturing.
The Britain Crown Monarch owes a lot to the lives taken and their sweat, and blood that was poured into forced labor manufacturing.
It's no wonder that Britain's Crown Monarch became so rich and wealthy when they were using slaves for all their manufacturing.
And women and children for trafficking. And their personal banks for money laundering. 

P. Kelley

Slavery Sweetened the British Tea

The slave owners of Great Britain built huge homes.
They became rich from the slave trade business from the humans they stripped from their native homes.
They stole and took women, men, and children with strong bones from their homes.
It was to sweeten the tea from the sugar grown in the West Indies to the British Royals in the comfort of their mansions and homes.
While the overworked and thirsty slaves had nowhere to call home.
It's a part of history that the British Crown Monarch doesn't want brought home.
While many today are still suffering by the British Crown Monarch from taking them from their native homes.
We must never forget this part in history that was brought home.
oh, we can say to the forced slaves snatched from their homes to work on European owned plantations, forget history and now be apart of my home.
But we can never forget the women and children and those that died from being overworked and sold on the London Royal Exchange like sheep to sweeten the British tea in British homes.
Nor a queen that has no respect for German and Irish and African children taken from their parents' home.
Will Great Britain ever realize the price of sugar that was paid to be kept in their homes?
While they left the white German and Irish and African children with no laughter in their homes.

P. Kelley

Monday, June 22, 2020

The British Crown Monarch Started The Slave Trade Business to America

Queen Elizabeth 1st ordered Sir John Hawkins in 1652 to begin the slave trade business joined by his cousin Sir Francis Drake. They traveled to Africa to start in the slave trade business. The 13 colonies which became America were forced by the British Crown Monarch and the Crown Agents to accept slaves for their personally owned European plantations. They were given no choice. Even if they felt it was evil and morally wrong. The British Crown Monarch was too strong. On Monday, December 10, 1770.  King George 111 wrote a command to the governor of Virginia: Upon pain of the highest displeasure, to assent to no law by which the importation of slaves should be in any respect prohibited or obstructed. King George 111.

Many of the captured slaves would try to commit suicide on their voyage. 

The British Crown Monarch sent slaves on ships to work on tobacco, rice, and sugar plantations. They were sent to the known 13 colonies and as far as to  Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica to the West Indies. The British Crown Monarch took over the Tobacco plantations. They took over the most profitable businesses in America and around the world.

The British Royal Navy and Crown Agents managed the slave trade business for centuries.  The British met the slave workforce for the upper crest and their prestigious peer groups. The British Crown Monarch became very rich from the profitable slave trade business. The British Crown Monarch made millions if not billions in the slave trade business. The British Monarch Crown was involved in money laundering. To this day the British Crown Monarch has a lot of blood on their hands. 

Their objective was to depopulate the impoverished overpopulated country of Africa. They felt like they were helping humanity. It was their solution to overpopulation.

The British Crown became very well known to their upper crest in the slave-trading business specializing in strong Irishmen from Ireland and blacks that could take the strong heat working for long hard hours on plantations in the south and Barbados and around the world.

The British Crown Monarch controlled the plantations around the world.  They controlled the channels of slavery and the plantations filled with forced labor around the world.

Everyone became slaves to the rich and powerful British Crown Monarch that showed no empathy to their forced beaten labor.

The Royal Navy for centuries enforced the slave trade business. They were the biggest traders with the biggest ships. And they're ships were packed so tight where no one could turn. They overpacked their ships because many slaves would die on the voyage to their new hellish destiny. The Royal Navy ships were filled with a cargo of brass, cotton, gin, and muskets for additional bargaining and trading power.

The British Crown Monarch was all about power. And the slave trade business allowed the British Crown Monarch to grow stronger in other businesses as well.

The Barclays Bank founded by Alexander and David Barclay who were among the 84 in the slave trade business operating in the West Indies.The Bank of England. Some slaves were sold on the London Royal Exchange many of them being small children.

We should never forget how the British Crown Monarch increased their riches by trading and selling humans for profit to enrich their dynasty pockets. We shall never forget those that were shipped and sold for the royals deposit.

If you were born with the heritage of British, German, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and African American. Your ancestral descendants may have been a slave at one time to the Royal family.

The question remains has America really broken free from the Royal family?

German Quakers from Germantown signed a petition against slavery in 1688.

There were several other petitions written against slavery.


P. Kelley

Slavery wasn't Treated Equally

The main discrimination that set the world apart from slaves was that slave owners saw their slaves as inferior.
The slave owner felt superior.
Because many of the slaves that came to America came from a background of criminals or homelessness or indebtedness.
Many came with contracts that owed a debt for their passageways to America. 
And many African tribes sold slaves for indebtedness.
Some slaves came from emperors.
They came indentured with a jagged-edged contract to America.
There was an understanding with many of them if their passageways to the New America were paid, they would be indebted to their slave owner for a certain number of years.
They were torn apart from family and peers.
They signed an agreement to work until their debts were paid in full.
Some worked in the hot tobacco fields and some worked to pick cotton for wool.
Some of them were sent to factories for the manufacturing of weapons for war.
Some of them were indentured for 3 to 11 years. Some worked longer years scared of starvation. Never reaching the year to emancipation.
There were many trials for the new slaves to face, from being overworked to catching sickness and diseases and wild American Indians. Not to mention, the rough waters to get to America. A lot of slaves died on hot overcrowded ships filled with diseases never reaching the shores to America.
There were some black Nigerians and white slaves killed or taken and bred with American Indians.
There were some Christian slave owners that looked at it with a gentlemen's agreement and taught their slaves and treated them as an equal heir by giving them a piece of land. Not every slave owner treated their slaves the same. Just like some parents don't treat their children the same.
There were some brutal slave owners. Sir Thomas Smythe controlled Virginia from England. He set white slavery in motion. The Quaker William Penn in Pennsylvania helped make white slavery widespread. Mary of Modena sold white prisoners as slaves to the colonies. Queen Anne from London would convince Germans to come to America and she would sell their children behind their backs. The children would come to America meeting a new villain to be left to pick cotton or flax. Many children died never reaching adulthood, never having a childhood. Children became the biggest commodity because they could work the most years. But it was the blacks that could weather the hot years.

P. Kelley

The First Slaves In History

I think we need to open our eyes' and hearts' and remember the first slaves in history were the Israelites.
The Romans oppressed and enslaved the Israelites.
The Romans beat and chained the Israelites.
And then, it was the Philistines now, the modern-day Palestinians that enslaved the Israelites.
Then it was the Muslims enslaving the Christians.
Then it was the rich enslaving the poor,
It is said, underneath all soil stands a weed.
We need to remember that America is not the first seed to the weed of slavery nor are we the last weed to feed greed.
America is a country of many immigrants and beliefs, we need to make sure that the seed of slavery never finds a fertile place to grow on American soil that leaves unrest and toil.
We need to be ready to protect the youngest and most vulnerable to the weeds of slavery in America and around the world.
We've seen the scars of a broken world.
We need to make sure all slaves of human trafficking and Christian slaves in Libya sold by Black Muslims and around the world are set free.
Only then can we have true peace!
We will not have peace until the spirit of slavery is finally broken and put to rest.
When a man is no longer a slave to sin.

P. Kelley

America's First President was the First President to Give Emancipation to Slaves

America's first President George Washington was a slave owner.
At the early age of eleven, he inherited and became a slave owner.
I don't see any records of where he was an abusive owner.
Matter of fact, the older slaves he had at Mount Vernon, he made sure they were taken care of financially as a slave owner.
It was also recorded there were many sports and games played at Mount Vernon with other slave owners.
George Washington struggled as a slave owner.
He wrote on his deathbed a new Will that after the death of his wife Martha that all his slaves be given emancipation. 
But it was at the beginning of a new year after President George Washington's death that Martha Washington reached a final decision, not to wait any longer and to move ahead and give his slaves' emancipation.  President George Washington's slaves were given emancipation on January 1, 1801.
President George Washington could now rest in peace that his slaves were free.

P. Kelley

I Believe President Trump Will Do It Again

I'm just an old country girl. I like my old man and wine and pearls. I'm still an old country girl that believes in her old red, whi...