Friday, June 19, 2020

The Slave Trade Then and Now

America became the dumping ground for Great Britain.
They swept their streets of the Irish, Germans, and foreign immigrants sending the homeless and impoverished to America.
They sent women and children and orphans and shipped them off to fend for themselves to America.
They emptied their prisons and cells of thousands with diseases and sickness and sent them to America.
They came penniless with no money in their pockets to America.
Many of them became white slaves in America.
They were forced to work on farms and plantations and even factories in America.
Some orphan children were forced into factories to work sixteen-hour days without a break in America.
Britain flooded American streets with displaced immigrants to America.
The Atlantic slave trade from Ghana West Africa to North-East Africa brought in more slaves to America.
You had Africa in the slave trade business, selling their own people for unpaid debts or to enrich their tribes sending them all to America.
You had the Black Muslims in Africa selling Black Christians into slavery sent to America.
There were pirates in the slave trade business sending slaves of white and black to America.
As much as it is like today, but now it's called human trafficking around the world and in America. 
Unfortunately, the slave trade business is still active today in North-East Africa where Black Muslims are selling and trading Black Christians as a self-worthless vessel. And you have the Arab slave trade going on between the two of them. And China buying Christians for organ transplants. We have children around the world bought and sold for pedophilia.
We can only end slave trading if we all work together to break the evil system.

P. Kelley

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