Monday, June 22, 2020

The British Crown Monarch Started The Slave Trade Business to America

Queen Elizabeth 1st ordered Sir John Hawkins in 1652 to begin the slave trade business joined by his cousin Sir Francis Drake. They traveled to Africa to start in the slave trade business. The 13 colonies which became America were forced by the British Crown Monarch and the Crown Agents to accept slaves for their personally owned European plantations. They were given no choice. Even if they felt it was evil and morally wrong. The British Crown Monarch was too strong. On Monday, December 10, 1770.  King George 111 wrote a command to the governor of Virginia: Upon pain of the highest displeasure, to assent to no law by which the importation of slaves should be in any respect prohibited or obstructed. King George 111.

Many of the captured slaves would try to commit suicide on their voyage. 

The British Crown Monarch sent slaves on ships to work on tobacco, rice, and sugar plantations. They were sent to the known 13 colonies and as far as to  Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica to the West Indies. The British Crown Monarch took over the Tobacco plantations. They took over the most profitable businesses in America and around the world.

The British Royal Navy and Crown Agents managed the slave trade business for centuries.  The British met the slave workforce for the upper crest and their prestigious peer groups. The British Crown Monarch became very rich from the profitable slave trade business. The British Crown Monarch made millions if not billions in the slave trade business. The British Monarch Crown was involved in money laundering. To this day the British Crown Monarch has a lot of blood on their hands. 

Their objective was to depopulate the impoverished overpopulated country of Africa. They felt like they were helping humanity. It was their solution to overpopulation.

The British Crown became very well known to their upper crest in the slave-trading business specializing in strong Irishmen from Ireland and blacks that could take the strong heat working for long hard hours on plantations in the south and Barbados and around the world.

The British Crown Monarch controlled the plantations around the world.  They controlled the channels of slavery and the plantations filled with forced labor around the world.

Everyone became slaves to the rich and powerful British Crown Monarch that showed no empathy to their forced beaten labor.

The Royal Navy for centuries enforced the slave trade business. They were the biggest traders with the biggest ships. And they're ships were packed so tight where no one could turn. They overpacked their ships because many slaves would die on the voyage to their new hellish destiny. The Royal Navy ships were filled with a cargo of brass, cotton, gin, and muskets for additional bargaining and trading power.

The British Crown Monarch was all about power. And the slave trade business allowed the British Crown Monarch to grow stronger in other businesses as well.

The Barclays Bank founded by Alexander and David Barclay who were among the 84 in the slave trade business operating in the West Indies.The Bank of England. Some slaves were sold on the London Royal Exchange many of them being small children.

We should never forget how the British Crown Monarch increased their riches by trading and selling humans for profit to enrich their dynasty pockets. We shall never forget those that were shipped and sold for the royals deposit.

If you were born with the heritage of British, German, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and African American. Your ancestral descendants may have been a slave at one time to the Royal family.

The question remains has America really broken free from the Royal family?

German Quakers from Germantown signed a petition against slavery in 1688.

There were several other petitions written against slavery.


P. Kelley

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