Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Slavery Sweetened the British Tea

The slave owners of Great Britain built huge homes.
They became rich from the slave trade business from the humans they stripped from their native homes.
They stole and took women, men, and children with strong bones from their homes.
It was to sweeten the tea from the sugar grown in the West Indies to the British Royals in the comfort of their mansions and homes.
While the overworked and thirsty slaves had nowhere to call home.
It's a part of history that the British Crown Monarch doesn't want brought home.
While many today are still suffering by the British Crown Monarch from taking them from their native homes.
We must never forget this part in history that was brought home.
oh, we can say to the forced slaves snatched from their homes to work on European owned plantations, forget history and now be apart of my home.
But we can never forget the women and children and those that died from being overworked and sold on the London Royal Exchange like sheep to sweeten the British tea in British homes.
Nor a queen that has no respect for German and Irish and African children taken from their parents' home.
Will Great Britain ever realize the price of sugar that was paid to be kept in their homes?
While they left the white German and Irish and African children with no laughter in their homes.

P. Kelley

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