Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I Believe President Trump Will Do It Again

I'm just an old country girl.
I like my old man and wine and pearls.
I'm still an old country girl that believes in her old red, white and blue flag.
Every time I see that old flag wave it reminds me of the cost of freedom for this old girl.
I've heard and seen many of my relatives and friends that were sent off for wars, where they proudly carried this old flag.
This old flag may not mean a darn thing to you, but it reminds me of those that stayed behind and those that returned carrying this old red, white and blue flag.
In my lifetime this old flag has seen many wars Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Iraqi War, Afghanistan, Syria, This old flag always found its way back home into the heart of this old girl.
There was never prejudice in carrying this old flag.
And because of this old flag, I voted for  Donald Trump in 2016 and I'll do it again in 2020 because that's what us old country girls do if we like it, we do it again! And I have faith President Trump will make America Great Again! And I believe unlike other presidents he'll never leave a soldier left behind without the men and women carrying this old flag.

P. Kelley

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